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  • Welcome to the BGSOBA Online Community

    The primary role of the Brisbane Grammar School Old Boys' Association (BGSOBA) is to keep strong the traditions of the School by facilitating an ongoing connection between Old Boys and the School as well as each other, no matter how long ago they attended the School. This website has been designed to do just that, and through the Online Directory, past students can catch up with old friends again.

    We encourage all Old Boys to login to this Online Directory. You will find that as a member of the directory you can:
    • Invite others to join
    • Contact any Old Boy via email
    • Use the bulletin board
    • Update your own details
    • Promote your business in the Business Directory
    You can also maintain contact with the BGSOBA and its members via other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    BGSOBA Contacts

    Reunions, Events, Donations, Online Database and All General Enquiries

    Advancement and Community Relations Office
    Ms Carla Hardy is the Alumni and Community Relations Officer
    Tel: (+61 7) 3834 5206 and Email: communityrelations@brisbanegrammar.com

    Great Hall Society
    Ms Heather Watson is the Executive Director of Advancement and Community Relations
    Tel: (+61 7) 3834 5212 and Email: heather.watson@brisbanegrammar.com

    Old Boys’ Association
    Mr Chris Austin is the President of the Old Boys' Association
    Email: oba@brisbanegrammar.com or contact Ms Carla Hardy on (+61 7) 3834 5206.

    Brisbane Grammarians Rowing
    Mr David Carroll is Chairman of the Brisbane Grammarians Rowing Club
    Email: brisbanegrammariansrowing@gmail.com or contact Mr David Carroll on 0411 477 490
    Website: www.bgrc.com.au

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Privacy and Cookies Policy
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